Japanese company launches drones for Aussie mining industry

Japanese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) provider Terra Drone has launched an office in Brisbane, aiming to bring more drone technology to Australia’s mining sector.

Integrating the advanced LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser scanning sensors, the company uses UAV solutions that are accurate within three centimetres and can provide 3D models with high definition.

The systems provide surveying services directly to the mining, construction and infrastructure management companies, capable of providing forestry and vegetation data capture, and assessing encroachment on powerlines and critical infrastructure.

The company also plans to offer hardware and software solutions to third party drone operators.

Brisbane branch chief Tsuyoshi Honda said they launched in Australia due to the country’s drone-friendly policies and to provide financial and safety benefits to miners.

“Modern technology such as UAVs is vital to ensure Australia’s resource sector maintains its competitive edge internationally and enhances productivity,” Honda said.

“Terra Drone’s solutions can help ensure mining companies benefit from improved safety in site scoping and mapping, along with boosting productivity in generating 3D maps while reducing costs compared to traditional methods.”

Terra Drone CEO Toru Tokushige said they were “delighted” to establish their first overseas base in Australia, planning to further spread their solutions to the global mining industry.

“Our focus on innovation is perfectly matched by the desire of Australian miners to benefit from world-class technological solutions from Japan, with our famous manufacturing culture of ‘monozukuri’ which fuses tradition with innovation,” he said.

The Northern Territory government is using drone technology to inspect legacy mines in the Tennant Creek region.

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