It’s all in the Glove: Hand Safety Boosting Efficiency

The mining industry exposes workers to some of the harshest working conditions out there. Unfortunately, dangerous workplaces often lead to worker injuries, lost productivity and costly compensation payments for companies.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 531,800 persons who experienced a work-related injury between July 2013 and June 2014, 20% were sustained by hitting, being hit or cut by an object or vehicle.

In the mining industry, workers deal with extreme temperatures, heavy machinery, sharp objects, oil and other hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. But specific tasks in hard-to-reach places such as fixing, replacing or maintaining machinery or equipment parts often means hands are thrust into danger zones.

However executing these tasks also requires high levels of grip and dexterity, so if the gloves used in these circumstances don’t offer comfort as well, workers can be inclined to take them off altogether.

With hand and wrist injuries comprising 30-40% of all work-related injuries presenting to emergency departments, there is a need to lower exposure of hands to hazards that can cause serious injury.

Marrying the needs of dexterity, comfort and safety within a single glove can make workers more likely to keep the gloves on for a variety of fine work tasks –improving safety and efficiency at once.

A US study on Glove Use and the Relative Risk of Acute Hand Injury draws the link between providing gloves that are dexterous and comfortable, and reducing injury rates – glove use was associated with lowering the risk of lacerations and punctures by 60-70% in workers.

Safe and comfortable hand protection

Ansell’s new INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology provides workers with greater cut protection, whilst providing high levels of dexterity at high levels of mechanical performance.

Connecting the expectations of affordability, cut protection, and high dexterity levels are Ansell’s new additions to the HyFlex® glove range – specifically tailored cut-resistant gloves that boast long life spans due to the durable materials used within them.

The new INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology features engineered fibres that deliver lighter weight gloves with higher cut protection, keeping hands secure from cut risks. It is a specialised knitting technology which blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibres into high performance yarns. This provides workers with high cut protection with exceptional comfort and dexterity; supporting increased speed, safety and efficiency of tasks.

This technology is intended to upgrade hand protection and productivity in work environments where sharp tools and materials are handled. The revolutionary INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology ultimately creates a safer glove experience for workers.

By employing HyFlex® gloves, mining workplaces can reduce the risk of hand injuries on site, lower injury rates and ensure a safer and more efficient environment for workers.

For more information on Ansell’s INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology and HyFlex ® gloves, download their whitepaper here.

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