Italian miners win coal mine occupation battle

Italian miners who had stolen explosives and barricaded themselves inside their mine have won their battle to stop the operation being shut down.

It comes after the miners began protests late last month against the Italian Government's decision to shut down the unprofitable coal mine.

The miners seized around 350 kilos of blasting equipment and barricaded themselves in the Carbosulcis mine last night.

One miner told Reuters the group was "worried that the mine may close. We are afraid for our jobs.

"We are prepared to stay here until we hear a response from the government that secures the future of the mine. We will stay here indefinitely," they said.

One miner, Stefano Meletti, slashed his on TV in protest at the decision to close the operation.

"If someone here has decided to the kill miners' families, ladies and gentlemen, we'll cut ourselves, we'll cut ourselves," he said as he grabbed a knife and began hacking at his wrists, according to Reuters.

Meletti was quickly hospitalised and soon recovered.

Now the government has promised not to shut down the mine at the end of the year.

"We have decided to abandon the occupation," Meletti, the miner who cut his wrists, said.

The local government has announced it will now review a project to update the mine and make it compatible with the latest technology and make it economically sustainable".

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