Israeli tech firm Airobotics hiring Aussies for drone deal

Yahel Nov, Airobotics VP Business Development

Israeli autonomous drone company Airobotics has garnered much attention over its pilotless drone technology, the world’s first to secure an aviation licence (in this case, from the company’s home country’s Civil Aviation Authority of Israel [CAAI]).

The Australian mining industry is viewed by the company as an excellent opportunity for expansion, particularly since Airobotics received its Remote Operator Certificate (REoC) from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in March.

According to Airobotics’ vice president of business development Yahel Nov, the company services five Tier 1 Australian mining companies, currently operating with two and looking to deploy with three more in the coming months.

He explains that the company’s custom UAV drone can save time and money when compared with piloted drones, and the drone also offers multi-tool functionality, with the ability to swap out various modules between runs including LiDAR, which Nov cites as particularly useful for night time operation.

Nov has recently relocated to Perth to expand the company with a primarily local workforce of about 20 employees by the end of 2017. Speaking with Australian Mining, he said entering the Australian mining market was a good move for Airobotics.

“It’s a great country, and from what I can see now, I think we made the right decision coming here,” he explains. “It’s a combination of good business opportunities — we’ve got smart people who know how to deploy the technology correctly — so that’s maybe the most important part of it.”

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