Israel wants to learn from Aussie gas industry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Australia for help in developing Israel's large offshore gas reserves.

The Australian reports Netanyahu met with Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten in Israel and asked for Australian expertise to help develop the county's resources.

Shorten said Israel had the potential for a large gas industry and was "crying out for technology and knowhow".

"The Prime Minister raised with me the possibility of being able to draw on Australia's knowledge in the LNG industry," he said.

Shorten told The Australian that after Qatar, Australia had the largest LNG industry in the world and would have the resources to help develop Israel's industry.

He said some international companies were hesitant to develop business in Israel for fear of upsetting other Middle Eastern countries.

According to The Australian Israel is looking to secure a domestic supply of gas after political change in Egypt disrupted its supply last year.

Image: Simon Johnston

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