Isatis.neo makes geostatistics accessible to resource teams

Isatis.neo is Geovariances’ smart and powerful software solution for resource estimation and comprehensive geostatistical studies.

It results from Geovariances’ dual commitment to developing cutting-edge technology and making high-level geostatistics accessible to more resource teams.

The software enables thorough data analysis and visualisation, robust and reliable resource modelling, and extensive uncertainty and risk analyses through simulations.

It offers unique tools including a machine learning-based application for the automatic definition of geological and geometallurgical domains, and an original technique for efficient resource classification.

Isatis.neo features batch scripting capabilities for task automation. This lets users create and adjust workflows to their company’s specific processes, thus facilitating teams’ daily tasks.

It also provides Python coding functionalities that enable users to generate any variable or function they need, or call a wide choice of external Python libraries. Python coding gives Isatis.neo tremendous capabilities.

Geovariances is working on putting geostatistics in the cloud. The combination of batch and Python coding with the power of cloud technology will enable the seamless integration of Geovariances’ geostatistics with companies’ modelling processes.

This will give them easy access to the most advanced technology for a powerful insight into their mineral resources.

Geovariances’ technical team in Perth helps companies to implement Geovariances powerful geostatistics through consulting or training services. Call them at 08 9321 3877 or visit Isatis.neo at for more info.

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