Is Your Land Mobile Radio System Tough Enough?

Could you drive over your Land Mobile Radio (LMR) with a tank or truck, drop it from 100m in the sky or set it on fire and know that it would still work? In the mining industry, you want a communications system that can survive anything.

In the remote, rough and rugged terrain of the mining industry, reliable, durable and effective communication is critical to safety, productivity and profits. It’s no secret that when communication is lost in a mine, work stops – placing workers’ safety and the mine site profitability in jeopardy.    

Reliable communications that can withstand the challenging conditions associated with the mining environment day in, day out are therefore vital to organisations who want to stay safe and run their critical operations efficiently.

Saving hours, or even minutes of unplanned downtime can save businesses significant resources and risk – especially when associated unplanned downtime can cost companies up to $180,000 per incident in lost production.  

Businesses can do this by implementing tougher, more robust communication technology and systems that have the ability to maintain critical communications in the face of technical, physical, security or human challenges and threats.

Tough, robust communication not only supports stakeholder expectations, it protects communities, reduces the risk of costly communications outages and allows more efficient use of increasingly constrained resources. Out in the field, it gives your workers the confidence to perform their duties more effectively, knowing that support is at hand whenever they need it.

10 Ways to Protect & Strengthen Your LMR System

When upgrading to a LMR platform, many decisions impacting on the toughness of your new system will be made at the design stage, however there are many cost-effective operational decisions that can positively influence your existing communications system.

Before making a choice, it is important to consider the ways to ensure your critical communication system is maintainable and resilient in the face of technical, physical, security or human challenges and threats.

10 essential attributes that contribute to the integrity of a new or existing LMR system that every radio user should consider, include;

  1. Technology Choice
  2. System Design
  3. Major Events and Emergencies
  4. Hardware: Selecting the Right Equipment
  5. System Configuration and Optimization
  6. Monitoring
  7. The Back Office
  8. The Human Factor
  9. Security
  10. Preparing for the future.

For more information on these 10 essential LMR attributes or to see the tough Tait portable LMR put through its paces, visit Tait Tough.

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