Is Your Essential Equipment Safe & Standard-Compliant?

Despite industry pressure to achieve operational efficiencies with less financial outlay, there is no excuse for businesses being complacent about standard non-compliance. Yet incredibly, a significant number of winders within Australian mines currently fail to heed the significance of the relevant Australian Standards, including AS61508 (if applicable), and in the case of NSW, Mining Design Guidelines MDG33 and MDG 2005.

In these cases, failure to ensure mine site hoisting systems and other essential equipment are in compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act or the Electrical Safety Act as well as any applicable Australian Standards and Codes of Practice can have detrimental consequences for worker safety, plant production and companies who will incur fines.

In the current economic climate, the last thing businesses want is to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, but if a mine site is found to be operating in breach of legislation requiring standard-compliant equipment, this can become a reality.

On top of unwanted fines, production shut downs that result from maintenance or replacement of equipment, and compensations paid to workers who have been injured while working with sub-standard equipment also deliver deep financial blows to business

Mitigate your non-compliance risk

Taking steps to minimise or avoid the risks of equipment non-compliance is the role of every responsible manager – required to maximise safety, productivity and efficiency on site as well as reduce the risk of incurring hefty non-compliance fines and worker compensation claims.

To mitigate these risks, companies can obtain an inspection and audit from a suitable third party with expertise in equipment, Standards, compliance and customisation by arranging an inspection and audit of their equipment and facilities. If technology is found to be out-of-date and non-compliant, solutions are available to rectify this potentially debilitating situation through retrofitting and upgrading hoisting equipment.

Customised electrical & automation solutions for compliance & safety

SIEMAG TEGBERG offer its customers complete turnkey electrical and automation solutions. From fully integrated systems for new installations to refurbishment and upgrades, the company offers locally engineered, tailor-made solutions to fit varied applications – including Control & Safety Systems designed to meet not only specific standards but also the demands of today’s industry.

In situations where the mine site would achieve a risk reduction through the application of functional safety principles, SIEMAG TECBERG’s technological solutions provide a ready fix.

There are a myriad of Regulations, Standards, Codes of Practice applicable in the different states of Australia. It can be easy to overlook the applicable ones to ensure that equipment meets mandatory Regulations and relevant Australian Standards.

For more information on SIEMAG TECBERG’s offering of electrical and automation solutions for hoisting equipment and electrical systems, download their free whitepaper here.

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