Is the Skills Shortage a Hoax?

How come if Australia is experiencing a skills crisis, the only jobs being advertised are for engineers? If you’re working in the trades or working as a labourer, it would be easy to think it’s all a hoax.

While the media has made much of the skills shortage, a lot of people just aren’t seeing evidence to support the claims.

All that is about to change.

Take one look at this graph and you can see what we’ve been saying all along.

The skills shortage is here. The real pain is not being felt but it won’t be long now. 

By next year, the demand for construction workers is going to outstrip the demand seen for the professional roles.

By 2015, most of the projects will be operational and will require permanet staff to keep them going.

The skills shortage is real so don’t get discouraged.

Now is the time to brush up on your current skills, upskill or reskill to jobs which will be in demand.

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