Ironless rotor dc motors

PORTESCAP has released an ironless rotor dc motor.

PORTESCAP has released an ironless rotor dc motor.

The motors can be used in applications requiring high continuous and peak torques where high current densities have to be commutated and power stages used.

The motors can also be used in battery powered equipment and incremental motion systems where low rotor inertia allows for acceleration.

The stator part of the motor consists of a cylindrical two-pole permanent magnet, placed inside a steel tube closing the magnetic circuit.

The active rotor part consists of a cylindrical skew winding, requiring no iron core.

According to the company, the absence of iron means there is no cogging and the rotor will stop in any position.

There are no iron losses and the running speed depends on the supply voltage and load torque.

The low winding inductance combined with a system for Reduction of the Electro-Erosion (the REE system), results in a reduction of the electrical wear by 75%.

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