Iron Road and Andromeda explore port potential

Iron Road

Iron Road Cape Hardy Port Stage 2 - artist's render. Image: Iron Road Limited.

Iron Road and Andromeda Metals have entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the development of a deep, multi-commodity port at Cape Hardy in South Australia.

According to a statement from the company, Andromeda has entered into the agreement as part of exploring a number of potential port development options to support the future growth across its portfolio of projects on Eyre Peninsula, specifically the Mount Hope kaolin project.

While Andromeda’s current production schedules may be met through existing established port capacity, ongoing discussions with iron ore explorer Iron Road are being undertaken as part of project development and optimisation of export routes.

“Andromeda is currently in the process of developing its Great White kaolin-halloysite project near Poochera on Eyre Peninsula and is progressing those plans through the use of existing ports on Eyre Peninsula,” Andromeda stated.

“With the growth of other regional businesses, agricultural output, aquaculture and mining, Andromeda considers its own plans and those of Eyre Peninsula will be better serviced with additional port facilities, and supports the safe and sensitive development of such.”

Andromeda has a vision to supply the world with superior quality industrial minerals, starting with halloysite-kaolin, and is seeking to build long-term relationships with customers, supporting them to produce premium products and clean technologies.

Halloysite-kaolin is an inert, high quality, bright white clay used in numerous day-to-day applications from medical and agricultural applications through to paints, paper and ceramics.

Beginning with its Great White kaolin project, Andromeda expects to gain approval to start construction in 2022.

For an 18-month period post construction, Andromeda plans to export up to 600,000 tonnes per year of direct shipping ore (DSO) halloysite-kaolin clay with the product trucked to its desired export port facility of choice using either triple or quad road trains with side tipping capabilities.

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