Iron Ore Holdings win heritage mine approvals

Iron Ore Holdings has won mine approvals for its Buckland project in WA.

It has received consent under the Aboriginal Heritage act to build a mine, haul road, and port facility as part of its Buckland project, the miner said in a company statement.

IOH has bee working with the Yaburara Mardudhunera (YM) and Kuruma Marthudunera (KM) people since 2012 to consult on the impact of the project’s design.

These formal agreements released today build off of the agreements made with the traditional owners in 2012.

Alwyn Vorster, IOH’s managing director said “securing heritage approvals for mine, road and port further derisks the Buckland project”.

“In addition to the current funding solutions, IOH remains on target to conclude port lease negotiations and the feasibility study report in the second quarter of this calendar year.”

The Buckland project itself includes an eight million tonne per annum mine at Bungaroo South, 200 kms of seal haul road, and a new 20 million tonne per annum transhipping port at Cape Preston East.

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