Iron ore development halted as court battle begins

An environmental group fighting mining in the Tarkine has won a bid to temporarily halt construction at a proposed iron ore mine.

An injunction was granted in the Federal Court, delaying work by Shree Minerals at the proposed mine.

Environmental group Save the Tarkine sought the injunction, arguing work on the project should no go ahead while the review had not yet been settled in court, The Mercury reported.

Last month The Tarkine National Coalition  lodged a case in the Federal Court seeking a review on Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s decision approving Shree Minerals iron ore mine.

Campaign co-ordinator Scott Jordan said Burke approved the mine without knowing the impacts it could have on the endangered Tasmanian devil.

"We will argue that Minister Burke has not acted in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, and as such the approvals granted are invalid," Jordan said.

"This mine should not have received approval, and we are asking the court to rule against it. “

Tasmanian Primary Industries Minister Bryan Green said he was confident the mine would go ahead.

"The mine has received all State and Commonwealth approvals and the Tasmanian Government is fully supportive of the project," Green said.

"Because the project has been through such a rigorous assessment process, I fully expect that the challenge will be unsuccessful."

The temporary injunction will remain until the matter is heard again on May 21.


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