Investigation into Pilbara port injuries begins

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority will investigate an incident which injured two men on a ship moored at the Roy Hill Port construction project yesterday.

The incident occurred on the Netherlands ship Happy Buccaneer, which left one man in a serious condition with a crushed foot, and the other with a broken leg.

The ship was moored at Stanley Port at the Roy Hill South West Wharf.

UPDATE 26/2: A spokesperson for Roy Hill contacted Australian Mining to clarify that the accident did not occur on the Roy Hill construction site.

The spokesperson said the ship had finished unloading goods for the Roy Hill site and was preparing to leave the port.

"It happened on a vessel that was moored at the Roy Hill wharf, but it's not our incident, it didn't happen on our project," the spokesperson said.

The Maritime Union of Australia said the ship was foreign crewed.

The Pilbara Port Authority said the accident did not affect port operations.

A spokeswoman for Roy Hill said the company responded immediately to the emergency.

“Roy Hill is a major operator in Port Hedland and has a highly capable emergency response and medical team based in Port Hedland,” she said.

“We received a request for assistance and our team immediately responded to the incident, providing medical treatment to the injured people before they were transported to Port Hedland hospital for treatment.

“Our thoughts are with the injured people, their families and work colleagues.”

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