Introducing QRAM – RYCO’s asset management system

RYCO’s new asset management system QRAM is set to change the way businesses manage hose assemblies and equipment anywhere around the world.

If your business can benefit from efficient and effective asset management, preventative maintenance, improved customer retention and aftermarket sales, RYCO’s asset management system QRAM is your answer. QRAM will streamline the way you register, track, order, transfer and maintain hose assemblies and equipment.

QRAM provides 100 per cent accuracy enabling businesses to easily view the complete bill of materials, manufacturing processes, drawings, photos and test records of each asset fitted on registered equipment on a global platform.

RYCO asset management system gives you the freedom to tailor the solution to your business needs.

“We have large clients with multiple locations across an extensive list of countries, and we have small to medium businesses, working in one or two locations.

“Whatever your business structure, improving the way you manage the life of assets and equipment is paramount,” explains Sean Babbage, general manager of marketing at RYCO Hydraulics.

“In addition to the way QRAM streamlines asset management, the customisable features means QRAM fits all scenarios.”

QRAM is a secure cloud based system to ensure processing performance and reliability, across desktop, tablet and mobile applications — both iOS and Android.

QRAM generates a unique serial number and QR code which is registered in QRAM.

The unique asset label is then printed and placed on the asset or equipment. The information presented upon scanning the QR code is instant and 100 per cent accurate.

Each unique QRAM serial number automates a notification of the first inspection date, making safety and preventative maintenance a priority.

“QRAM has now been tested in several countries around the world, and the results have been outstanding when it comes to asset visibility. Unscheduled downtime is reduced with QRAM because it’s a preventative maintenance system that alerts you well ahead of time when hoses or equipment need servicing or replacing,” explains Babbage.

When scanning the asset QR code label, full visibility of the asset details is presented to quickly build, install or replace the asset. Scanning the equipment QR code label presents you with the complete installed asset list, service hours, past and future installations, inspections, work orders and the geolocation of the equipment.

“Each hose assembly has its unique identification code. When a hose assembly is replaced, simply scan the old out and then scan the replacement asset, and QRAM will do the rest by updating the equipment details.” says Babbage.

QRAM is simple to install, easy to use and saves you time and money when managing your assets. QRAM is not limited to hose assemblies either. You can use the QRAM system to register any asset or piece of equipment.

RYCO has taken everything into consideration with QRAM. Speed to market, 100 per cent  accuracy, global traceability, ease of reordering and supply, warranty management and asset transfer capabilities, makes QRAM the most comprehensive asset management system on the market.

To have the full visibility of assets, including location and customers ordering replacement assets with 100 per cent accuracy at a touch of a button, is unprecedented, and something RYCO’s customers have been eager to implement.

See how RYCO’s Asset Management System works:

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