Integrated visualisation system for mine data

Trimble has released Trimble Connected Mine which provides an integrated and complete view of mine data to improve operational and strategic decision making.

The company has also released the Visual Intelligence module with support for mixed-reality technology including Microsoft HoloLens that enables the 3D visualisation of Connected Mine data.

Connected Mine provides a live web environment for data to be collected and presented in easy-to-read tables, graphs, dashboards, and spatial views. It enables a wide range of administrative and operations data to be connected and consolidated across language, currency, commodity, unit of measure, time zone and location, which can be viewed from a single software solution.

The system includes a range of reports including material, product, delay, budget tracking and KPI dashboards that can be personalised for fast deployment and are flexible to align with most mine workflows.

For remote operating centres, the system provides an immersive environment to understand workflow and site issues. It offers a platform that aggregates geospatial data and production data with an immersive 3D environment that adds context to the operational data, allowing users to view operations in safety from remote operations centres and offsite locations.

The Visual Intelligence module enhances management decision-making by using a set of inputs and unique visualisation that allows both strategic and detailed scenario planning. Visualisation quickly identifies outliers, with options to quickly review historical data.

Using Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble technology, mine management teams can clearly visualise large spatial datasets to identify exceptions without needing to visit the site; improving safety and reducing travel time and costs.

HoloLens extends interaction with 3D models beyond the confines of a 2D computer screen, creating new ways for users visualise, collaborate and share ideas.

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