Innovative products on show during M&E NSW

More than 200 exhibitors will participate in this year's Mining & Energy NSW exhibition.

With more than 200 exhibitors participating in this year’s Mining & Energy NSW exhibition — to be held in Muswellbrook from September 22-24 — there will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to see the latest mining-related products and services.

They include the latest safety and training developments, new drill systems, just-launched mining consumable products, new communications systems, and innovative environmental management solutions.

Some of the new products and services that will be on display during M&E NSW include:

A Noble & Son will launch its new on-line Tech Inspect data management system for lifting equipment. Tech Inspect can also manage registry details for height safety equipment, lifted equipment, mooring equipment and load restraint equipment (Stand 2185).

APS Lighting & Safety will unveil a new generation of mining lighting using LED technology (Stand 2090).

Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Australia will display its 75,000 lb class Pit Viper PV275 rotary blasthole rig, and release details of its latest Pit Viper 235 (Stand 9096).

BW Technologies will show a new gas detector, described as the world’s most compact, multi-sensor, confined-space gas detector. The GasAlertMicroClip simultaneously displays the presence of oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and Lower Explosive Limit (%LEL) combustibles (Stand 2137).

Coal Services will unveil a new virtual reality mine training simulator, designed to prepare miners to respond promptly to dangerous situations and/or hazardous work environments (Stand 1030).

Cooee Products will feature DustBloc (as seen on the ABC’s New Inventors program), an innovative bitumen-based dust suppressant that helps cuts water use by up to 80% while turning haul roads into all-weather thoroughfares (Stand 2063).

Gencom, which is a major supplier of two-way radio equipment to the mining industry in the Hunter region, will focus on its new digital network, offering digital network coverage from the central coast and up through the Hunter Valley (Stand 2168).

Hydco International will display its new 1200H Exploration Drill Rig.

The large multi-purpose exploration rig, which features a 12 m mast when fully extended, will be one of the show’s major outdoor exhibits.

Also on display will be the company’s new Make and Break hydraulic drill rod unit (Stand 9152).

Hytorc NSW will demonstrate what is said to be the world’s first hydraulic torque and tension wrench without a reaction arm (Stand 2055).

IFS World will feature a newly launched web interface for its Enterprise Report Planning (ERP) software for the mining and energy sectors (Stand 1006).

Isri Seats will feature a new range of seats with a 150 kg weight capacity rating, for mining and construction equipment operators (Stand 2099).

Liquid Rubber Linings will unveil a new liquid-applied lining system for the long-term protection of all kinds of surfaces.

LRL Polyeu is a single component, ready mixed, heavy bodied acrylic polymer gel designed to waterproof, weatherproof and give UV resistance to old and new surfaces, including concrete, wood, compressed fibre cement, metals, built-up roofing and existing membranes, both indoors and outdoors (Stand 2182).

Mine Site Technologies will demonstrate a new vehicle and personnel detection system for underground and surface mines and industry.

The ImPact Proximity Detection System alerts vehicle operators to other vehicles and people in their vicinity, reducing the risk of collisions and improving the safety of all personnel (Stand 1008).

Scantech International will showcase its new Dual Energy Transmission (DUET) technology for the on-line ash measurement of coal depths up to 400 mm, along with a newly released coal moisture monitor, the TBM 230 (Stand 2174).

Specialised Welding Products will unveil a new line of highly durable wear plates for impact, abrasion and high temperature applications.

These composite-clad Integra and Hardlite wear plates have a base plate of construction steel and a wear-resistant coating applied by arc welding, and are said to be more wear-resistant than quenched and tempered abrasion-resistant steel plates (Stand 2042).

Ultraspin Technology will feature innovative new oily water treatments for the mining sector, including a new oil skimmer constructed from stainless steel and new aeration tank that polishes water to meet the latest EPA limits (Stand 1027).

Wear Parts Services will launch its new MTG StarMet range of hammerless ground-engaging tools for the mining industry (Stand 1000).

The tooth-adapting StarMet fitting system is designed to increase productivity of excavators in the 60-400 tonne range and loaders weighing 70-350 tonnes.

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