Innovative energy mindset elevates mining

Hybrid energy solutions are leading innovation in the mining industry, with teams across the globe applying complex solutions to various other sectors.

Aggreko global mining head Rod Saffy said miners were consistently looking for innovative power solutions to help other companies achieve emission targets.

“Where once there may have been a reluctance to embrace new technology, miners are now needing it – asking us for bold ideas,” Saffy said.

“As a result, most of our new technology is finding its way into the mining space before it is finding its way into other sectors. The mining industry has become very innovative and that’s exciting for us.”

Strategy and markets head at Aggreko’s new renewables division, Lars Stephan, echoed Saffy’s comments, suggesting the next few years would result in a massive transformation of the mining sector as miners incorporate renewables.

“Our hybrid projects, such as the Granny Smith project, are quite ahead of the curve and undoubtedly will be transported to the rest of the mining industry and to the rest of the world as well,” Stephan said.

Stephan said Aggreko, as the world’s leading mobile and modular provider for power generation, had multiple teams dedicated specifically to bringing new and innovative technology to its customers, with the terms innovation and technology being core to the company.

Aggreko is now trialling state-of-the-art mobile and containerised PV solutions, after securing four major solar contracts to power mines through their lifecycle.

“While bringing the benefits of solar integrations, those units will be highly mobile, and provide flexible solar power to mines and rural communities for a shorter contract duration of below five years,” Aggreko renewables and energy storage solutions head Nicolas Boruchowicz said.

“This innovation has the potential to open the door to more renewable power for the mining industry and in locations that previously seemed out of scope.”

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