Injured miner sues Xstrata for $2million

A miner is suing Xstrata Coal for almost $2 million, claiming he injured his back when working in muddy conditions.

The Central Queensland miner claims he was wading through about 50cm of mud, carrying a steel channel post when he fell and injured himself in April 2011, The Morning Bulletin reports.

The 42-year-old man claims the post was 1.8m in length and weighed 12kg.

Working at Newlands Northern Underground mine in the Bowen Basin he was employed by Newlands Northern Underground as a beltman at the time of the incident.

The man is suing the mining company for $1.9 million.

In his statement of claim he says he was directed to work in the cut through which was covered in mud, removing three steel C-channel posts.

The miner said he was carrying the third post out of the cut through on his right shoulder when he lost his balance, fell forward, twisting his upper body and torso and injuring his lower back.

He said he is suing the company for failing to install a pump to remove water and mud from the area.

He believes the company unreasonably required him to work in wet conditions and claims the company failed to adequately inspect the cut through.

The miner said there was no sufficient supervision to ensure he was not working in a way that put him at risk of injury.

The miner claims his back injury is causing him to suffer ongoing pain and is impacting his ability to enjoy life.

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