Industry alliance set to fight carbon tax

An alliance of industry groups has come together to fight the proposed carbon tax.

Named the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance, it plans to spend more than $10 million on a campaign across television, print, the internet, social media and radio to fight carbon pricing, NineMSN reports.

The group is composed of organisations such as the Minerals Council of Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Coal Association, and the Plastics and Chemical Industries Association.

It is aiming to mirror the mining tax efforts, where an aggressive advertising campaign defeated its motion by public opposition to the carbon tax so that it is either substantially modified or fails to pass the parliament” a statement from the group says.

Its campaign has been branded a scare tactic by the Climate Institute.

“This is a desperate last bid from big companies who want to keep polluting our skies for free,” Climate Institute spokesperson John Connor said.

“This group is determined to maintain their scare campaign of misinformation on prices and jobs.”

Anglo Coal CEO Cynthia Carroll recently came out against the carbon tax, saying that it hobbles investment in Australia’s mining industry.

“Governments tempted to move in this direction convince themselves that necessary mining investments in their countries will continue unabated, despite the imposition of such arbitrary changes,” she said.

“They are wrong. International businesses have choices to make between investment opportunities in different jurisdictions.

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