Indigenous joint venture win contract for Century mine maintenance

A joint venture between the Waanyi Prescribed Body Corporate (Waanyi PBC) and ReGen has secured a contract for maintenance at MMG’s Century mine.

The mine went into care and administration in February this year after winding down operations at the Lawn Hill mine and processing plant. 

The three-year contract will cover land and water management, and erosion prevention.

The Waanyi people are both the traditional owners and native title owners.

MMG CEO Andrew Michelmore said, “Our objective has always been to create a lasting positive legacy and this commitment endures during this next phase in Century’s life. The award of the contract to the Waanyi ReGen further reinforces our support for the Waanyi People and the Waanyi PBC.” 

Independent chair of the Waanyi ReGen joint venture Nyunggai Warren Mundine said the venture was “born out of the vision and desire to do good”. 

“Restoring and healing country physically and spiritually through a commercially operated business that will lead to economic activity. This will create jobs, build businesses and grow the socio-economic future of the Waanyi people,” he said.

During operation, Century employed around 1000 indigenous workers.

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