Increased ROI for an Australian plant with Honeywell Forge

Potential LNG production improvement was observed for an Australian plant with Honeywell’s Forge Workforce Competency operator training simulator (OTS) suite testing control and safety system design changes, which led to increased return of investment (ROI) benefits and enhanced process and safety control.


The concerned Australian plant is a producer of both coal steam gas (CSG), as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG) needed to meet growing export demand.


The Australian plant sought an OTS update that included the new waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) design, and a need to educate their operators on how the redesigned unit would operate within the two existing LNG trains and utility areas.


The planned WHRU design, control, and safety management system modifications and newly developed operating procedures were tested
on the Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency | OTS system prior to the planned deployment at the facility.

The Honeywell team, in collaboration with the Australian plant, identified multiple issues with the control philosophy, operating procedures, and most importantly, the safety management system.

Corrections and improvements were implemented that led to safety cause-and-effect changes, control logic changes, modification of tuning parameters and additional procedural development and improvement.

These changes prevented potential plant trips, start-up interlocks, inefficient energy usage and reduced throughput.


The implementation of the new WHRU design to the OTS prior to the commissioning of the WHRU prevented potentially significant issues in the preliminary and ongoing operation of the new unit.

Through early identification of process and safety control, and procedural issues, the Australian plant achieved significant ROI benefits from the updated OTS system.

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