Imagine Intelligent Materials and MRL Corporation announce graphene deal

Imagine Intelligent Materials has executed a sales and certification deal with ASX-listed MRL Corporation for graphite and graphene products.

Imagine IM, formerly Nanocarbon, will provide characterisation analysis and certification for graphite miner MRL, and will receive a commission on graphite and graphene sold.

In a statement, Imagine said there was an objective of “identifying the optimum applications and customers for their graphene and securing supply agreements with Imagine IM’s customers and licensees.”

Graphene is a single layer of hexagonally-arranged carbon atoms, which possesses unique physical properties offering potential for applications in a number of different sectors.

Imagine IM’s technology includes a set of patents covering a method of making surfactant-free graphene. These are used under license from the University of Wollongong under a deal announced in July last year. Imagine has since developed several in-house patents related to graphene.

It also has R&D agreements underway with graphene research groups at the universities at Wollongong, Monash and Deakin, and at the CSIRO.

MRL is preparing for its first output from its Sri Lankan projects.

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