I4 Mining adds mining safety advances to Dynamix

I4 Mining

I4 Mining has announced its Dynamix data, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform has been further developed to enable edge deployments that deliver complete hybrid technology stacks using existing technologies.

“Let’s not talk about the technology because, to be frank, it’s not what’s important – it’s about the outcome: zero harm,” Rayven chief executive officer Jared Oken said.

“Simply put, miners have the same data problems and it’s hurting them and their employees. Data is siloed, it can’t be analysed in real-time to drive results on the ground, or even if it can be, there is no way of actioning optimisations before they’re lost – this development changes all that.

“What we’re able to do is integrate all data sources and collate in-field real-time metrics via IoT technologies to provide an accurate picture of what’s occurring on the ground from mine-to-market to anyone, anywhere.

“With these new edge capabilities, Dynamix can rapidly analyse the data to deliver predictive insights to those in the field and assist with short interval control decision-making.

“Simply put, Dynamix enables miners to predict and prevent harm to people, the environment, anything.”

Mining fatality and safety incident numbers have not improved globally for several decades and 2022 is currently projected to be one of the worst years in recent history with several high-profile incidents having already occurred both locally and overseas.

“The mining sector is under the microscope,” I4 Mining lead and Rayven chief sales officer Phillip McBride said. “Every fatality, leak, or ESG failing not only impacts individuals, community, environment and site production, but the share price too, and is now the lens through which capital investment is assessed and governments legislate.

“To drive the next step-change ‘zero’ initiatives and the elimination of individual fatality disasters, the mining sector must update its approach to worker safety because, if we continue using the same philosophy and methodologies of the past century, then similar safety outcomes can be expected.

“There is no single cure, however a new approach which augments worker inductions, training and experience on the job, with the use of currently available technology, would make a dramatic impact.

“This would provide real-time virtual guidance and supervision of people performing hazardous roles and/or tasks – particularly those associated with vehicles, machinery and heights.”

Oken said Dynamix can be delivered quickly and efficiently, ensuring mining companies can stay on task.

“We can deliver action and solutions that are in the field, working, in weeks,” he said. “Not another consultation that generates another costly report with little to show in terms of progress.”

It comes after the recent announcement from Element 25 and I4 Mining, who are working together to support the manganese miner’s data consolidation and real-time monitoring objectives.

Element 25 managing director Justin Brown noted I4 Mining’s ‘nimble and flexible’ technology, and their ability to come in at the level needed and scale with the business’ needs, are the primary drivers for the partnership.

I4 Mining’s technology enables miners to accelerate their long-term strategic objectives head-on using advanced, easy-to-use data analytics and Industry 4.0 technology, so that miners can achieve ‘zero’ and productivity objectives.

Find out more at: www.i4mining.com.

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