I “never, ever” said WA was booming: Barnett

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett says he "never, ever" said WA was boom state.

AAP reports Barnett said the latest jobless figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which showed a rise in unemployment in WA, proved WA still had economic problems.

Barnett said the unemployment rate in WA had been "by far the lowest" in Australia over the past few months but some industries outside the mining sector were doing it tough.

Despite strong employment growth in WA the state’s jobless rate has risen due to an increasing number of people flooding the state looking for work.

"You’re seeing a slow-down in the Australian economy, and there will be sectors of Western Australia that also feel that," he said.

"That’s why I have never, ever talked about a boom in Western Australia."

Barnett has long talked down speculation WA’s economy is booming, particularly in negotiations with unions.

But he has also acknowledged the existence of the mining boom and used it as a political tool when negotiating with the Federal Government.

Last year Barnett told Treasurer Wayne Swan his attempt to share the wealth of the mining boom was ill-fated and only resources states WA and Queensland would reap its benefits.

"The benefits will flow and they’ll be primarily in WA and QLD," he said.

In criticising the federal budget last year Barnett said Canberra’s strategy would "damage the mining boom".

Image: PerthNow

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