Hutton still considering suing Clive Palmer

Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton says he's still considering suing mining magnate Clive Palmer over comments he made earlier this year.

In March Hutton said a letter had been sent to Palmer asking him to retract and apologise after claiming some anti-mining movements were funded by overseas interests attempting to hamper Australia's economic development.

Palmer directly targeted Hutton, and said the Lock the Gate president should be forced to explain the full extent of his funding.

Yesterday Hutton told Australian Mining Palmer had not responded to his letter and he was still seeking advice on whether to take the magnate to court.

"Clive Palmer hasn't replied to the letter I sent him asking for a retraction and an apology and I'm still waiting for an opinion from a barrister on whether it's advisable to go ahead with legal action," he said.

Hutton said if action proceeded it would be on the grounds of defamation.

After first accusing Hutton of having links to foreign organisations Palmer later hinted the comments were part of a distraction ploy to keep negative attention off Campbell Newman in the lead up to the Queensland election.

Image: AAP, Tony Phillips

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