How to get a mining job with no experience

For most jobseekers looking for work in the resources industry having 'mining experience' is the Holy Grail.

Despite a wealth of transferrable skills and boundless enthusiasm, without mining experience most job applications won't go far.

Whilst many recruiters and job experts have long advised inexperienced applicants to apply for utility work on the mines, most jobseekers are usually unimpressed with the advice.

Nevertheless starting work as a cleaner, bar tender, or other support role, can be one of the best ways for inexperienced applicants to get a foot in the door.

Once on the inside, moving around within a company and the industry is much easier.

With more and more work up for offer some jobseekers are taking this advice and scoring work.

One successful applicant Steven Chivers, a qualified baker with no mining experience, told Australian Mining over Twitter he'd just scored a job in the industry as a fly-in fly-out bar tender and kitchen hand.

Chivers said while he wasn't working in the pit, the pay was still great.

Chivers said that applying for everything, and not being picky about work available, was good advice for jobseekers.

But he said the best thing workers could do was make themselves readily available to the companies they were applying for.

In Chivers's case he flew to Perth and started applying for every job he could.

Chivers said with these golden rules he'd found it easy to gain work in the industry.

And most importantly, he didn't have any experience.

If you've tried finding work in the mining industry or have heard stories about others who have, share it in the comments below.

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Image: PerthNow, Lyndon Mechielsen

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