How miners use helicopters and cranes to install massive equipment [pictures]

Previously we've shown you some impressive pictures of trucks hauling mining equipment on site.

But what those pictures leave out is the installation of the equipment, which is usually another mammoth task.

Here we've put together four examples of some impressive, daring, and outright weird installations.

First off we've got an older, yet no less impressive picture of crusher maintenance at BHP Billiton's Mt Whaleback mine in the Pilbara.

Image: National Crane

This next photo is also from the Pilbara. It was taken a few months ago and shows workers at BHP Billiton's Port Hedland facility installing a new rail car dumper.

Here we have what looks like some pretty risky business. This is Rio Tinto using a helicopter and crane to string together power lines.

Image: Rio Tinto

Finally we have an amazing picture of a crane lifting a crane lifting a crane.

Thanks to meticulous planning the folks at Liebherr were able to pull this off with the whole thing perfectly balanced.

That's just showing off.

Image: Liebherr

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