How fast can Twiggy, Palmer, or Rinehart earn your salary?

An online tool can now calculate how long it takes mining magnates Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest, or Clive Palmer to earn your annual salary.

Forming part of the Fair Go for Billionaires campaign, the tool asks users to enter their annual salary and choose a magnate to compare it with.

It then calculates how long it takes the magnates to earn your wage.

The tool also calculates how long it would take users to earn the net worth of each billionaire.

The union-backed campaign aims to counter the rising tide of anti-mining tax and carbon tax rhetoric lead by Forrest, Rinehart, and Palmer.

It particularly targets debate over the mining tax, seeking to draw attention to the "billions of dollars in cold hard cash" mining magnates lay claim to.

You can visit the Billionaire Wealth Calculator here.

Image: Irish Eco

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