How Caterpillar and the Internet of Things are changing asset management

Asset management and remote monitoring capabilities are becoming essential in today’s mining sector.

As technology continues to enhance our world, Caterpillar is constantly developing and refining advanced technologies. Cat power systems provide everything needed to monitor equipment remotely,  maximising the performance of equipment, reducing costly downtime, increasing return on investment, improving safety in the workplace, enhancing operator performance, and much more.

Introduced by Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA), the opportunities with new technologies are endless and the capability of Cat product to connect remotely is leading the way in technology solutions for mining and exploration.

Cat Connect delivers a smart use of technology and services to improve job site efficiency.

“Using the data from technology-equipped engines, you’ll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before,” says Noel Rosario, segment manager investor product, EPSA.

Cat Connect delivers smart use of technology and services to improve job site efficiency. Using the data from technology-equipped machines, customers get more information and insight into their equipment and operations than ever before. Never has there been a better time to connect with and embrace the Internet of Things (IoT).

“With Cat Connect we help customers with their equipment management to be more productive and provide more sustainable solutions,” says Jevan Davenport from the Cat Connect Customer Solutions Centre at William Adams, EPSA’s dealer partner in Melbourne.

“The goal of our team is to make our customers more successful with the information we are gathering from equipment. We provide our customers with a complete fleet solution, regardless of what assets they have. We are monitoring equipment for customers in the mining and construction industries through to power systems, energy and transportation, and even down to service vehicles.”

With over 10,000 machine oil samples in 12 months alone and 1100-plus machines utilising premium monitoring, the Cat Connect Services work in a dynamic way, demonstrating how to control costs, improve operations, reduce risk and manage people.

The benefits of EPSA’s Cat Connected assets:

  • Remote monitoring – enable operations to run remote equipment
  • Improve productivity – reduce downtime
  • Greater efficiency – minimise the downside of disruption
  • Better safety – operators know what is happening around their equipment
  • Reduce environmental impact – simplify compliance and remotely monitor fuel burn and manage consumption
  • Reduce costs – staff travel is reduced
  • Maximise performance – proactive maintenance of equipment ensures it remains operational

Never has there been a better time to connect business assets. EPSA can show how.

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