Hitachi launches articulated dump trucks into Australia

Hitachi is releasing the two new Bell E-Series articulated dump trucks into Australia.

It is releasing the B25E and B30E models, which build upon the D Series and bring more ADT functionality.

Hitachi says the new designs allow for boosted payloads, lower daily operating costs, better ride quality, and higher safety.

The trucks feature advanced emissions technology for rapid engine response and better cold-start performance, faster haul cycles, and most importantly better fuel efficiency.

Purpose built for harsh conditions found on mine sites, the E-Series incorporates central oscillation, high suspension travel on all axles, and a balanced weight distribution which provides greater agility across uneven mine surfaces.

It has dual engine braking coupled with automated transmission retardation which contributes to greater retarding power an in turn reduced brake wear. The retarder power can be adjusted to ensure controlled descent in most conditions.

The articulation joints are reinforced while the chassis is built from high-strength welded alloy steel, which provides greater overall durability while lowering machine mass and reducing powertrain and structural stress.

In regards to the operator, Hitachi has created a sound suppressed cab that features "strategically positioned controls, an advanced diagnostic monitor and a sealed-switch module for convenient, fingertip operation of multiple functions".

The cab also has high operator visibility.

Hitachi states that "independent features such as Keyless Start, Hill Start Assist, Bin Tip Prevention, Auto Park Application (APA), Standard Turbo Spin Protection and On-Board Weighing (OBW) remain standard in the E-Series".

It has an automatic inter-axle differential lock (IDL) which gives the truck full automatic traction control.

The B25E is powered by a Mercedes Benz OM 906LA engine, which provides 205kW, and has a rated payload of 24 000 kilograms with a bin volume of 15 cubic metres.

The B30E is driven by a Mercedes Benz OM 926LA engine which gives 240kW of gross power and has a bin volume of 17.5 cubic metres with a rated payload of 28 000 kilograms.

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