Hire vehicle shortage hits mines

Car hire firms in Queensland say a shortage of vehicles is making it difficult to get miners to sites in the Bowen Basin.

This strain on vehicle numbers has forced some groups to use mobile homes to get the miners on site, according to the ABC.

Group Engineering’s Allan Ruming told the ABC that it is using mobile homes for one of our divisions to do work on sites because one: we can’t get accommodation and two: we’re short of vehicles," he said.

"We’ve combined the two and we now hire them so we’ve got mobile homes, office and work vehicle rolled into one.”

This accommodation issue is set to only rise in severity as Central Queensland’s Isaac Regional Council calls for a cap on building construction for fly in fly out miners.

The mining industry has already seen a squeeze on the heavy equipment rental market, with the industry trying to keep up with the increased demand.

This increased demand has seen Caterpillar expand its underground truck manufacturing operations in Tasmania.

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