Hindustan Zinc increases production with Loadscan measurement systems

Hindustan Zinc has boosted operational performance at its Rajasthan lead and zinc mines in India using Loadscan’s load volume scanners (LVS).

The world’s second largest zinc producer has placed four non-contact, automated drive-through truckload measurement instruments by Loadscan across its oldest mine Rajpua-Dariba and mine complex Zawar to monitor the material carted by trucks going in and out.

At the Rajpua-Dariba mine, New Zealand-based Loadscan’s custom-mounted unit (LVS-3CMX model) is planted underground to measure crushed ore before being taken to the surface by lift.

The same underground mine has also fixed a block-mounted portable unit (LVS-3BMP) at its portal to measure truckloads as they come to the surface.

As the RFID-tagged vehicles drive under the scanner, the LVS scans the truckload and creates a 3D model or surface profile.

This profile is then stored on file and compared for the same vehicle when empty, where the load volume is calculated to an accuracy of around one per cent or to 0.1 cubic metres resolution point.

The LVS also generates a measurement of volume rather than weight to avoid inaccuracies generated by environmental factors such as moisture and material densities.

Hindustan Zinc head of corporate communication Pavan Kaushik said Loadscan helped improve operational performance by managing haul-back to reveal the true shift tally.

“We can now accurately calculate net volumes delivered for processing. Time is also saved by minimising paperwork – there’s no manual data entry, driver records or after-shift record sorting,” Kaushik said.

Kaushik added that production gains had been achieved due to increased trucking – the LVS has helped achieve lower cost per tonne of material hauled while optimising truck loading and improving productivity.

The LVS-3CMX model can be mounted virtually anywhere either directly or by a custom mount. This includes locations such as mining portals, tunnels and the side of buildings.

The LVS-3BMP, on the other hand, is suitable to large or long-term portable truck measurement projects where the load scanning location may be moved.

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