High-voltage motor series launched

Siemens has released the new high-voltage motor series, Simotics HV HP, which is able to cover an extended power range of up to 70 megawatts (MW). Its flexible modular concept makes this series suitable for tailored solutions in all kinds of industrial applications in the high power range.

The new series benefits from short delivery periods and helps minimise the work involved in planning and engineering, speeding up project completion and bringing forward overall plant commissioning. These high-voltage motors can be used for a wide range of applications in fields as diverse as ship building, power plant technology, and the oil, gas, metal, and fiber industries.

The reduced planning and engineering input required is due to integration into the Siemens standard tools which now permit simple, rapid selection and configuration up to 70 MW. The design is implemented using Siemens PLM software, which allows data generated to also be used for plant planning. The use of standardised interfaces and the simple, compact concept make for easier plant integration. In terms of its structure, the system benefits from an optimised base frame which not only reduces noise and vibrations to a minimum but also makes the motor robust and able to cope with extreme ambient conditions; maximising the availability of the overall plant.

Overall availability also benefits from integration into condition monitoring systems, a service-friendly design and simplified spare part procurement due to a high degree of component standardisation. An added bonus is the extensive scope for system testing to ensure the optimum interaction of Simotics HV HP and Sinamics medium-voltage converters within an Integrated Drive System (IDS).

All the models of the Simotics HV HP series are available as synchronous or induction motors, in a high- or low-temperature version, with gas and dust explosion protection and with a wide variety of cooling methods. The series alo complies with a wide number of industry and country-specific certification requirements such as API, TR CU, CSA and NEMA.

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