Hexagon unveils single scheduling and haulage planning software

Hexagon Mining has released Atlas 3.3 with Live Haulage, which allows for simplified design, set-up, and management of haulage networks.

Part of the wider MineSight Planning software suite, Atlas is a single solution program for scheduling and stockpile management, integrating multiple departments, such as drill and blast.

Version 3.3 now incorporates all haulage tools.

Using Live Haulage, users can easily design, set up, manage, and modify a haulage network directly from Atlas, eliminating the need to design the network in a separate component or package.

“It’s the first time that scheduling and haul network design functionality are unified in a single product, without the need for import/export,” Hexagon said.

“Live Haulage allows you to edit the haul network, add/delete/move/modify road segments, add inter-phase ramps, and add/delete/move locations (waste dumps, mill, stockpiles, etc.).”

The program allows designed and modified haul networks to be dynamically visualised through a 3D viewer to allow instant visual validation.

By facilitating full access to haul networks directly from Atlas, Live Haulage adds reality to tactical scheduling and eliminates the need to post-process schedules.

Mining engineers’ work is also simplified by using one product to generate accurate schedules.

Planners will save time importing, exporting, and post-processing data, and spend more time analysing and generating complete and practical schedules.

Atlas 3.3 also includes optimisation improvements – such as direct mill feed optimization in material blending, infeasibility analysis, blending by material types – and the option to import activity reserves from sources other than MineSight block models, allowing more flexibility in defining reserves.

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