Hexagon continues growth in auto-drill tech


Hexagon Mining has partnered with Phoenix Drill Control to improve its capability in autonomous drill technology, combining their platforms to streamline operations.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Phoenix Drill Control’s technology mitigates obstacles traditionally associated with autonomous drilling without operator input.

Hexagon Mining chief operating officer Ryan Hawes said the partnership would bring multiple benefits for its customers.

“Phoenix Drill Control’s simplified, scalable automation platform is commercially available immediately,” he said.

“It will bring profound benefits to customers, including faster decisions with greater accuracy, improved health and safety, greater efficiency by eliminating errors and a smaller environmental footprint.”

The artificially intelligent technology can monitor input signals to take dynamic corrective action, removing the need for extensive operator training or much operator input.

Such technology can be integrated into any platform, making the partnership beneficial for both companies according to Phoenix Drill Control president Mark Baker.

“We’re excited to partner with Hexagon and believe our collaboration will benefit customers. The combination of Phoenix’s AI technology with Hexagon will propel autonomous drilling to the forefront of the industry,” he said.

“After all, drilling is at the beginning of the mining process, and when done right, the entire value chain benefits.”

Phoenix Drill Control’s simplified, scalable automation platform is commercially available immediately across Hexagon Mining’s global network.

In January, Hexagon also acquired Minnovare, a leading provider of drilling technology that improves the speed, cost and accuracy of underground drilling.

Hexagon president and chief executive officer Ola Rollén said this was yet another complementary fit in Hexagon’s growth strategy.

“The integration of Minnovare’s innovative mining solutions with our strong, core technical competence is a strategic fit,” Rollén said.

“It will prove invaluable for customers striving to improve the speed, cost and accuracy of underground drilling.

“Today’s acquisition strengthens our formidable drill and blast portfolio, and accelerates our underground development roadmap.”

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