Healthy breakfast can reduce lead poisoning

Eating a healthy breakfast could help lower the chance of lead poisoning in children, new research shows.

ABC Radio reported the findings published in the Environmental Health Journal, which found that children who regularly consumed a healthy breakfast showed a drop in blood lead levels.

These latest findings follow the recent experiment in Mount Isa, where dust exposure is being measured in children.

Eating foods which have healthy minerals helps to reduce lead absorption, Peter Sly from the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute told the ABC.

"Lead and calcium and other irons like that are actually in competition so they use the same mechanisms for absorbtion," he said.

"If you’re eating lead on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to absorb it whereas if you’re eating it in a meal that has other minerals like calcium and phosphate in there, then you’re going to absorb less of the lead."

The CSIRO recommends eating a daily breakfast including whole grains, found in certain cereals and breads, as well as a piece of fruit and serving of low fat calcium.

Research into the effects of mining on the health and safety of nearby communities has increased lately, and the Upper Hunter Air Quality Control Network was launched earlier this year, to give residents in the Upper Hunter constant access to real time information on coal dust levels.

A study by Queensland Health last month showed a drop in the blood lead levels of children in Mount Isa.

Image: CSIRO

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