Hazelwood coal mine fire: VIDEO

As the fire at Hazelwood coal mine in Victoria burns for its third week, the Country Fire Authority has posted raw aerial footage that shows the scope and complexity of the situation on the ground.

More than 200 fire fighters are working around the clock to extinguish the blaze which police believe was deliberately lit on February 9.

Crew are using a number of methods to fight the fire including foam and water and say around 80 per cent of the blaze has been snuffed out.

Strong winds and hot weather forecast for tomorrow are set to be hamper firefighting efforts.

The below video taken on March 1 shows the scale of the fire, while thermal imaging shows the heat it is producing.


Smoke from the fire has caused serious health concerns for the residents of Morwell, with the Victorian Government upgrading its advice to locals.

Authorities say the elderly, young children, pregnant women and those with pre-existing heart or lung conditions should seek temporary accommodation elsewhere.

The state government said payments of up to $1250 a week will be available to help eligible people get out of the town.

The fire is expected to burn for a further 10 days.

Image: Keith Pakenham

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