Hay Point construction workers launch industrial action

Up to 300 Hay Point Coal Terminal construction workers have become embroiled in industrial action over a pay dispute.

The workers, employed by McConnell Dowell and GEOSEA, have been waiting for up to four weeks to be paid, the Daily Mercury reported.

The Hay Point project is managed by construction company Betchel, who yesterday confirmed they are watching the dispute closely.

"While we are not the employer… the bottom line is that all members of the workforce on projects that Bechtel manages need to be paid accurately and in a timely manner," Bechtel Asia Pacific general manager Shaun Kenny said.

"We are aware that Melbourne payroll staff from the joint venture company (McConnell Dowell and GEOSEA) are on site and have been dealing on an individual basis with payroll issues which arose over the Christmas period.

"This issue has been before Fair Work Australia who is assisting the joint venture and their workforce to come to a resolution".

The Daily Mercury reported that an anonymous source said McConnell Dowell and GEOSEA management had "bullied" workers who complained about payment issues.

McConnell Dowell and GEOSEA management were not available for comment at the time of publishing.

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