Hauler provides advanced flexibility

A new hauler has given one minesite advanced flexibility.

A new hauler has given one minesite advanced flexibility.

Bucyrus has introduced the 816C Un-A-Hauler to its family of battery powered coal and mineral haulers.

According to the company, the new addition has superior payload capacity, advanced maneuverability and improved cycle time efficiency.

The Production Superintendent of American coal mine Knight Hawk Dale Winter said the new hauler gave him the ability to operate 3 to 5 haulers behind the continuous miner based on the distance from the feeder breaker.

According to Winter, this type of flexibility is excellent for driving deep rooms off of sections and perimeter mining.

Winter uses a variety of the Bucyrus 816C and older Un-A-Hauler models at his Prairie Eagle and Royal Falcon underground mines.

At the new Royal Falcon minesite, prior to the conveyor belt being installed underground, the 816C Un-A-Hauler hauled coal to the outside pit area, approximately 1000 feet one way in severe bottom conditions. “The true tracking feature and high ground clearance were critical when negotiating the bad bottom conditions. The true tracking also improved tyre life by eliminating tyre scuffing when the unit was turned left or right,” Winter said.

Knight Hawk Maintenance Superintendent Mike Followell said the hauler met or exceeded all expectations.

“The 816C offers superior payload capacity in various operating heights for maximum mine efficiency. With a payload capacity that is up to 25% larger than that of the competition, each set of 816C Un-A-Haulers can transport up to 150 tons more per shift,” Followell said.

To further increase efficiency, the Bucyrus Room & Pillar Development team designed the 816C with true tracking and vertical articulation.

The true tracking design positions the driving wheels equidistant from the articulation pivot allowing the rear wheels to follow in the exact path of the front wheels. With this feature, losses in available traction power associated with wheel scuff that is common to trailer style articulation are eliminated. In addition to increasing power, the true tracking feature also helps in obstacle avoidance since the hopper section of the vehicle follows within the same tire path of the tractor section. True tracking geometry together with a 120-degree total steering angle provides superior manoeuvrability, allowing for a 90-degree turn in a 16 foot (5m) roadway.

The vertical articulation of the 816C has been enhanced by aligning the articulating cylinders with the line of action required to raise and lower the frame of the vehicle to allow variation of the angle of approach or departure. This feature allows the operator to raise the trailer to interface with the feeder breaker when discharging the payload. The orientation and placement of the cylinders provides easy access for cylinder, pin or hose replacement.

According to Bucyrus, another feature that makes the hauler standout from the competition is the HiPAC 10 control system which drives both the motor traction and the hydraulic systems in addition to providing the operator with machine management information. The HiPAC 10 VFD is a DC to AC variable frequency inverter control that drives higher performance AC electric motors. These AC motors have superior speed torque characteristics and operate 11% more efficiently than conventional DC motors. This means that loaded tram speeds can be increased up to 8 km/h (5mph) and more coal can be hauled per battery charge. AC motors also eliminate the need for DC commutators and brush riggings, cutting down operating costs and downtime.

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