Haul truck collides with grader

A haul truck has collided with a grader on an active waste dump at a West Australian mine.

According to the WA DMP report, the incident occurred when a grader was grading near the entrance of the waste dump, into oncoming traffic.

“As a haul truck drove up the pit ramp and turned off onto the dump’s haul road, the truck driver failed to see the operating grader.

“In an effort to avoid collision, the grader operator moved out of the anticipated path of the oncoming haul truck and stopped; however the haul truck continued along the haul road, colliding with the left side of the grader,” the DMP report stated.

“The haul truck driver did not see the grader until after the collision. Fortunately no one was injured.”

The report explained that a direct lack of communication between the two vehicle operators contributed to the accident.

“There was no communication between personnel; the grader operator did not use the two-way radio to inform haul truck drivers of the grading activity at the entrance to the dump’s haul road, and the proposed grading work was not discussed at the pre-start meeting.”

It also noted that the grader was operating opposite to the traffic flow, near the dump entrance, without any physical controls –such as warning signs or temporary hazard controls – in place.

The DMP investigation found that due to the noise in the cab the haul truck driver also failed to hear the vehicle’s proximity alarm, which sounded for nine seconds before the collision.

It recommended improved traffic management processes be put in place as well as better communication between mobile plant operators.

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