Happy miners are productive miners

Mining employees are a happy and productive bunch of workers, according to a study by London-based iOpener Institute for People and Performance.

A survey of 30,000 professionals across industries has compared workers self-assessment of time spent on task, time happy, time engaged and “time energised”.

Apparently, behind food services and consulting, miners are happy 49 per cent of the time at work.

Miners spend 62.1 per cent of the time on task, which makes them highly productive in the scale of industries.

On the other hand, construction workers were found to be happy only 40.5 per cent of the time, and only feel “energised” 39.7 per cent of the time.

The study has not made any mention about FIFO workers.

The founder-director of the iOpener Institute, Jessica Pryce-Jones is the author of “Happiness at Work – Maximising your Psychological Capital for Success.”

She said that miners can be proud for achieving such high industry scores, but there is still room for further improvement, “particularly as rising costs and supply and demand imbalances make for a challenging market”.

Australian workers across industries rated as the sixth highest for productivity, with 63.3 per cent of time on task.

The top five were Mexico, South Africa, Colombia, Denmark, and Netherlands.

The study said that Australia’s position at number six can be attributed to escaping being affected by the financial markets crisis and global economic shutdown.

“This country is, however, very much plugged into the Far Eastern growth economies, always with an eye to developments in its giant neighbour China,” the study said.

“The regional economic volatility induced by a booming China and a stagnant Japan may well have encouraged Australian companies to focus on productivity in the present, given the uncertainty of the regional future.”

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