Halliday FCG announces new diesel exhaust fluid blending plant

Halliday FCG, an experienced fuel, chemical, gas group servicing all major service centres across Australia, today announced the launch of new Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blending Plant at Brendale QLD.

The plant will blend Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for bulk supply to retail outlets and companies requiring a bulk supply of DEF.

“This is a relatively new venture which has involved the design and manufacturing of our own DEF Batching Skid, also available from Halliday FCG” said Managing Director Mr Brad Sands. “We felt there was a niche for a new type of DEF Blending System for bulk supply as well as being available to businesses wanting to set up their own blending plant.”

Although there other DEF suppliers, Halliday FCG intends to offer more, by managing the entire supply chain of bulk DEF to businesses across Australia. “What’s important to mention is our blending system uses the “hot blended” method which assists in the immediate dissolution of urea resulting in no sediment or insoluable granules like some blenders encounter.” Mr Sands continued.

Halliday FCG will open the new DEF Blending Plant early June with other plants opening in major cities across Australia by the end of 2016. Beyond that, Halliday FCG will continue developing other products and services relating to the supply of fuel, chemicals and gas. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality product and service to the end customer with the lowest cost providing an outstanding value proposition.” Brad said.

Halliday FCG also supplies a range of DEF storage and dispensing systems from all-in-one tanks through to pumps, bowsers and nozzles.

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