H3RO plug and play fibre optics, monitoring and managing hard rock equipment

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground copper mine to provide fibre optics to new underground automated mining equipment.

Ampcontrol’s H3RO; harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, was deployed from the telecommunications hut on the surface, down a catenary wire through the existing open cut mine and into the new underground mine.

H3RO’s robust IP68 Bots (Break-Out Terminals) and UV protected cables made it the ideal choice for both the surface and underground components of the project.

The H3RO fibre was reticulated down the mine with the H3RO Bots positioned where fibre cores would be required now and in the future.

Services utilising this fibre optic network include phones, load scanning, seismic sensors and substation monitoring. The H3RO system was terminated into the autonomous miner, allowing remote operation.

The modular system allows easy expansion as the mine progresses and agility in accessing the fibre network anywhere between the face and surface as requirements evolve.

H3RO’s plug and play functionality and modular components enabled this installation to be undertaken by site staff, as opposed to specialist fibre optic technicians. This saved the remote site considerable time and money.

Ampcontrol then undertook a site fibre optic audit and OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) testing to verify the install before the new underground machines were commissioned.

H3RO’s modular components and future proof design enables quick and easy duplication or extension as required, ensuring the system can be expanded and modified as the mine advances. Future network extensions will be completed and tested by site labour. An OTDR, training and connector cleaning and inspection kit were supplied as part of the total package.

Since commissioning the H3RO system has performed reliably and been integrated easily with additional 3rd party equipment.

About H3RO

H3RO provides reliable, available, scalable and cost effective cabled communications. H3RO Ethernet is a flexible Optical Distribution Network (ODN) solution for industrial network applications. The system is designed to implement various redundant topologies to reduce network islands, improving reliability and performance.

With the evolution of Passive Optical Networks (PON), optical sensors and the ability to use the phenomenal capacity of single mode fibre optics to carry disparate and high bandwidth information, H3RO is making these revolutionary technologies easily accessible for industrial applications.

H3RO is capable of providing a PON optical distribution network solution for industrial applications. This technology provides the following benefits:

  • A completely passive access network cabling system eliminating the interdependence on switch availability
  • A substantial reduction in most fibre ODN infrastructure costs
  • High availability when deployed using redundant architecture
  • Ability to overlay non-network communications on a single media network (multiplay)

By using a combination of 12 and 4 core optical cables and H3RO Bots, a relatively limitless number of industrial Ethernet application scenarios can be achieved with this simple system.

When used in industrial PON applications, each H3RO system is capable of carrying multiple PON networks. Each network can support numerous access nodes (ONUs), providing for a large quantity of access points per deployment.

Our PON and Ethernet deployments promote network standardisation, reduce cost and complexity and introduce future-proof standardised fibre optic infrastructure.

With plug and play functionality, no specialist fibre skills or expensive tools are required, supporting rapid off the shelf deployment.

Find out more at ampcontrolgroup.com/h3ro

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