Greens want to put the kibosh on NSW power stations

The NSW Greens are looking to close all large-scale fossil fuel power stations by 2031, claiming politicians are the only obstacle to a state run entirely on renewable energy.

The Greens want to substitute fossil fuel burning generators with wind and solar energy plants, saying research from the University of NSW shows renewable energy can maintain a cost-effective electricity supply.

Greens MP Dr John Kaye said switching to renewable energy will slash 60 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by the state’s coal-fired power stations.

He said the party will propose the Transforming NSW Energy Sector bill when parliament recommences in August, ninemsn reported.

But transforming the NSW energy sector is not the only aim of the bill.

“The bill might not become law but we want to force every state politician to face the reality that there is an alternative to burning coal and gas,” Kaye said.

He added technology and the economy will not impede the transition from fossil fuels.

“It is the politicians who are getting in the way,” he said.

Those who lose jobs in the switch can be certain of gaining employment in the new clean energy generation.

The bill is touted to cost less than $8.2 billion according to Kaye and this could reduce as technology advances, Kaye said.

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