Greens table bill to ban mining on Central Coast

The Greens have tabled a bill to ban mining around the NSW Central Coast water catchments, putting the future of the Wallarah 2 mine in doubt.

It comes less than a month after the controversial mine was given the greenlight by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

It has supported the mine’s approval, stating that there is no reason to stop it on environmental grounds.

Planning and Infrastructure executive director Chris Wilson said “the Department’s comprehensive assessment of the project, support by independent studies, was that there were no environmental or amenity reasons that prevent the project proceeding subject to strict conditions, particularly around the protection of the area’s water resources”.

Now it is heading to the Planning Assessment Commission.

However Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham introduced a bill yesterday to halt the mine’s progress in the area, ahead of the PAC assessment.

Dubbed the Central Coast Drinking Water Catchments Protection (No ifs, no buts, a guarantee) Bill 2014 the bill aims to keep mining out of the seven drinking water catchments in the region, the Herald reports.

The mine has seen heated opposition, with the Central Coast Greens stating a rally outside of Wyong’s member Darren Webber’s office, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Greens member John Kaye lead chants of “water not coal”, and stated that the mine was a threat to Central Coast water supplies.

Public hearings will open in April.


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