Greens raise coal port fears

 The Greens have raised fears over the development of the Hay Point Coal Terminal.

They point to coal dust, noise, and increased dredging around the site, the Daily Mercury reports.

"The community is saying their homes are being blanketed with coal dust and they need to keep their windows shut through the whole of summer," Greens senator Larissa Waters said.

"The noise of the trains, conveyor belts and helicopters is quite unbearable, I am told, and they’re already doing an awful lot of dredging.”

Despite these concerns, Coal Port Community Recreation Association member Betty Hobbs said the issue has improved.

“We only get coal dust problems on occasions now,” Hobbs said.

“The only thing I am really concerned about is the dredging, which might disrupt the whales’ migration habits; but they don’t seem to be dredging too much while the whales are here.”

A BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) spokesperson added that the miner, which ships coal through the port, has taken active measures to reduce dust emissions during transport.


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