Greens prove extremism by backing Whitehaven hoax: Coalition

The Coalition says the Greens have shown “disrespect for the law” and proved they are the “epitome of extremism” by supporting a hoax targeting Whitehaven Coal.

In a statement the leader of the opposition in the Senate, Eric Abetz, said the Greens had proved their extreme connections by backing the prank, which temporarily wiped over $300 million from Whitehaven stocks.

Abetz also claimed the Greens had “extreme elements with communist connections”.

“It's taken less than a fortnight after supposedly revising their platform for the Greens to again reveal their extreme political tendencies,” he said.

“With the Greens it is always a case of the ends justifying the means.”

The spray follows comments yesterday by Greens leader Christine Milne and NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon, who both backed the prank drawn up by Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Jonathan Moylan.

The Greens said the prank was justified because of the “unacceptable damage to the environment” Whitehaven's Maules Creek project would have.

“Companies that are driving climate change will increasingly come under scrutiny and be exposed for their investments and actions, and Jonathan Moylan is drawing attention to these companies,” Milne said.

Yesterday the Australian Securities and Investment Commission raided Moylan's campsite home and confiscated his phone and laptop as part of an investigation into the hoax.

Moylan said while he was sorry if some investors lost money over the stunt, he would not apologise for carrying out the hoax.

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