Greens protest Bowen coal mine

A group of Greens activists gathered together yesterday to protest against Adani Enterpises Carmichael Coal and Rail project in the Bowen Basin.

The group said it protesting Queensland premier Anna Bligh’s plans to develop the resource.

“What we have here is equally the world’s largest coal mining operation, shipping coal through what will be the world’s largest coal loading facility, through the Great Barrier Reef the world’s largest coral reef. It is a recipe for a disaster,” Maria Macdonald, the Coral Coast Greens spokesperson said.

The Carmichael Coal and Rail project consists of a greenfields site that will be developed into a open cut mine and later an underground operation.

It is expected to produce around 60 million tonnes annually.

The project would initially employ 5000 workers in the construction phase, then 4000 ongoing jobs.

The Greens claim that the mine will produce more greenhouse gases in Australia than the carbon tax is forecast to reduce, that escaping wastewater from the mine will flow in to the Great Barrier Reef, despite the mine being located around 160 km northwest of Clermont.

They also state that, including construction, operation and closure, the mine has a potential life of 150 years.

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