Greens “comfortable” accepting CSG developer donations

The ACT Greens say they are comfortable accepting donations from coal seam gas developers AGL and Origin Energy, despite their stringent opposition to the industry.

According to Australian Electoral Commission data Origin donated $1,320 to the ACT Greens in 2010-11.

ActewAGL, a joint venture between AGL and the ACT Government, also donated $2,000 in 2009-10.

Both AGL and Origin are pursuing significant coal seam gas developments in NSW and QLD but have faced strong opposition from the Greens in each state.

The ACT Greens have also voiced opposition to the industry and joined their NSW and QLD counterparts in calling for a moratorium.

ACT Greens spokesperson Simon Copland told Australian Mining AGL and Origin's donations were made at fundraising dinners and the contributions were used in election campaigns.

Copland said the Greens "felt comfortable" accepting the donations and the funding would have no impact on the party's opposition to the coal seam gas industry.

"Our policy on coal seam gas is quite clear and this represents no shift in that at all," he said.

Copland also said all donations went through "strict internal procedures".

The decision by ACT Greens to accept funds from energy developers puts them at odds with other state branches.

NSW Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham, one of the coal seam gas industry's most vocal opponents, told Australian Mining on Twitter the NSW Greens refused donations from coal seam gas developers and all corporate entities.

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